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A year outside of the Netherlands

If you told me a couple of years ago that I would spend a year without having my feet on Dutch soil I would have laughed at you. Well, in about a week I have been outside my country of birth for 365 days. Scary.

But when that realisation got through, it felt like it was less than a year. I blame Skype. I really do, it makes it so easy to not only talk but also see each other. But in the end, it does not compare with "just showing up"™.

I will see a lot of you in the coming weeks :-)

Tron: Legacy

It has been a while since I have been to a premiere of a movie. Actually, I can not remember the last time I went to one :o

I never had a very strong bond with the original Tron, I re-watched it only a couple of months ago, but I liked the visual styling and the attempt at creating a "virtual" world. The plot was kind of thin, but the characters in the film were pretty well chosen and the world had some flesh on it so you believed in it and forgot most of the flaws.

Now, back to the end of 2010 - almost 30 years later! - and we have a remake... uh sequel... hmm remake-ish sequel. It's not really a sequel since it reuses a lot of aspects from the original and it is not really a remake, because the story is set as a sequel. I must say I had to contain my expectations because when I saw the visuals of the trailers and teasers and heard Daft Punk was creating the soundtrack, it should be awesome, right?

Well, it is. Mostly. One thing got me by surprise and really blew me away: the sound. Ignore the visuals, ignore the epic soundtrack; the sound in the movie is really insane. Not just the effects on the voices and sounds of the vehicles on the grid, but through-out the entire movie the sound just makes it real. The best example is how the music playing in the old arcade adjusts according to the camera position; just listen to it.

The visuals and music were as expected and deserve a mention; they really brought it into the 21th century: the layout of the lightcycle arena was really well-done for example with extra dimensions and quirks. Daft Punk really picked up using an orchestra and it is just a really, really good film score.

But do not go to the cinema for the plot. It does not get in the way of having a nice experience but it is waver-thin and plot holes are everywhere. Lots of stuff just well... happens and no additional cast with backstory to flesh out the plot a little bit like in the original.

Finally 3D has been the target of comments a lot since Avatar and especially since movies like Alice, which used 3D more as a gimmick than taking it serious. Tron might be the best 3D I have seen; they keep 2D scenes 2D and only enhance the real 3D events without you noticing it.

Overall: it's pretty damn cool.